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  • What ages are suitable for a circus workshop party?
    Circus workshop parties are best suited for 4-9 year olds, however circus workshops are suitable for all ages. During a workshop party adults are welcomed to join in if they wish or they can simply sit back and relax while I entertain and teach the children.
  • What type of venue should I hire?
    Village/community halls are recommended. When setting up a room for food time you need to consider the amount of left over space for running the workshops. If the hall has a side room available to rent then it's worth hiring if you think space could be tight. With all bookings I always ensure I look at the venue online before confirmation.
  • What length packages do you offer?
    I offer three packages, an hour package, a 90 minute package or a two hour package. With a 90 minute package food time would be at the end of the session and with the 2 hour package a 30 minute food break would take place half way through.
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